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Athish Business Solution Pvt Ltd is a leading organization in Integrated Facility Management deploying human & automated resources to various prestigious clients all over India. We offer a comprehensive and integrated facility management services for Housekeeping Labour Contracting, Gardening, Pestcontol, Electricians, Plumber, Carpet Cleaning & Catering Services. It caters to a diverse customer base of factories, offices and residences.

The company has trained and vetted facility management staff to make the work environment safe and enjoyable. Athish Business Solution Pvt Ltd has the ability, expertise and Resources to meet any requirement and to manage any facilities Maintenance situations. We are always available for all our customers maintenance needs in the daily routine of commercial corporate sites.

Our Opportunity

The services are offered individually or integrated to provide 'Total Facility Management Solutions'. Whatever be the option, our services are always tailored to suit your business needs.

We do understand how hard it is to manage your place and work. Our well trained and experienced staffs share a good rapport with the brooms and mops, dusting and other cleaning activities.